Ventajas económicas de una construcción Steel Framing ; costes de tiempos, coste de desperdicio, coste de incidencias, costes de espacios y superficie util, costes de aislamientos, calidades de steel framing vs Mampostería.
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A work done with Steel Framing has the advantage of opting for higher quality materials in relation to foundations, structural resistance to fire, wind and water; vapour barriers, thermal and acoustic insulation or integrated energy systems.

This way, we manage to save large labour, electricity, water and execution times costs.

Steel Framing Incidences0%
Mampostery Incidences0%

If we equate the costs of a Steel Framing works with those of a masonry works, we would offer as a result a “turnkey house” of much higher qualities to the traditional ones.

Steel Framing Work Time0%
Mampostery Work Time0%

We understand that expenses such as financial, unforeseen modifications to the project or temporary supplements, disappear thanks to previous studies and the accuracy of our engineers’ calculations.

 The precision and control manage to minimize waste in the structure, what supposes an additional advantage in the construction. In addition, labour costs are lower since the speed of executing the work in a parallel and simultaneous way in all processes reduces them.

There is a great advantage when building with Steel Framing that is rarely mentioned: The thinner walls allow the expansion of space up to more than 10% of useful interior meters compared to a masonry work.

Useful Steel Framing Surface0%
Useful Mampostery Surface0%