Ventajas de la construcción con Steel Framing; flexibilidad, confort y ahorro de energía, racionalizado, optimización de recursos, resolución de patologías, seguridad en obra, limpieza en el trabajo, protección, durabilidad, reciclaje.
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 A great advantage of Steel Framing is that its system allows you to interact with a wide variety of applications and materials. The designer can design without restrictions, plan expansion or growth stages, because it does not have a fixed module but a recommended one of 0.40 / 0.60 meters. or less. Supports any type of exterior and interior terminations.


It is considered rationalized by its characteristics and processes. High accuracy calculations with 3 decimals, making the work documentation more precise, and better executed. One of its most outstanding qualities is the precision of the material in its conformation, allowing a better quality control. In situations of large-scale work, standardization becomes notable and contributes to the decrease and optimization of resources.

Pathology Resolution 

The inputs used correctly offer great freedom of action as can be consideresd an eco and economical advantage in steel framing.

Cleaning At Work

Cleaning and order in the construction reduces to the maximum the existence of wastes.


Steel Framing uses inert and noble materials such as galvanized steel, which makes it objectively extremely durable over time. The materials used comply with IRAM, ISO 9001, 14000 and / or TPC (Technical proficiency certificate) certifications.

Comfort And Energy Savings

The system allows to think and execute in a more efficient way the thermal and acoustic insulations, installations such as all items that result in a considerable improvement of the quality of life. Steel Framing is especially suitable for any climate and geographical situation, even extreme ones, being an important advantage of Steel Framing.

Resource Optimization

This system reduces execution deadlines, streamlines labor and guild management. The execution of the facilities is very simple and efficient. These characteristics greatly influence the use of materials and labour, since the planning is made simpler and more precise, being able to meet the goals set for economic and time resources. Repairs are very simple and the detection of loss problems in water pipes is immediate.

Work Safety

Reduces risks due to its ease in the collection and handling of materials is a important advantage in steel framing to take ito acount for the constructor.

Greater Protection

The materials used have attributes that slow the spread of fire.


The composition of the steel produced today includes more than 60% recycled steel, which, from an ecological point of view, characterizes it as very efficient.